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When it comes to video production, IG1 strives to deliver the best possible product on-time and on-budget no matter the size or scope of the project.  And by delivering the best possible product for companies of all sizes, whether you have a local, regional, national or international presence, the main objective is to always increase your bottom line and raise your brand awareness so consumers can make positive informed decisions about your products and/or services.  Our motto is DELIVERING RESULTS THAT MATTER!

Ivan Gonzalez


Several decades ago, Ivan began his career in the film and television industry and quickly became a sought-after commodity in charge of national broadcast commercials, shows and direct response infomercials with million-dollar budgets.  In 2014, Ivan utilized his valuable and vast experience, knowledge and creativityand thus IG1 Communications was born!   While Ivan may not be producing multi-million dollar shows much anymore, his Executive Producer stewardship, along with his specialized team of in-house experts and veteran professionals, allows him to focus on whats most important these days for all clientssuccess and reward!  Ivans personal goal is to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. 


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